Friday, March 3, 2017

Paddle boarding on Lake Texoma, Batik Appliqué Lap Quilt, 50"x70"

My awesome sketch.
So, yes, I'm an artist.  As is CLEARLY evidenced by the sketch to your left.  But hey, that's how it goes sometimes.  I knew in my head exactly what I wanted it to look like when I got the request for this new quilt.  I'm so used to tropical California-inspired quilts, that even though this was still about paddle boarding and sunshine and water, I knew this one had to a little different.  And I'm from Texas, so I knew exactly what those differences should be.  In fact, I've been on this lake many times and spent 17 years of my life just a few miles from Lake Texoma.

I still used my favorite medium for quilts--Indonesian batiks.  Full of life and color and amazing patterns, they make a beautiful composition.  I started with the colors of the sunset sky and the water. Which brought me to my first difference from my tropical quilts.  The water is more green and darker in nature than the vibrant turquoise blues I would have normally used.  Not that California is turquoise....but it does scream tropical.

The next big difference was the trees.  I'm always using palm trees of some kind.  But these had to be Texas trees  I went for the larger, fuller Texas Oak and/or Pecan tree look.  I still used beaches, because the lake does have sandy beaches.  Well....sand may be a strong word.  Not exactly white sandy beaches, but not full on dirt either.  Somewhere in between.  So I went with a tan color for the island part.  I found some beautiful batiks for the trunk and leafy parts of the trees and built some lush green Texas-style trees on either side of the sunset.  Love the beautiful fabrics!

The next thing I did was draw the pattern for the paddle boarder on freezer paper.  If you don't use the freezer paper method with appliqué quilts, you are missing out!  I drew her paddle boarding across the lake in the sunset.  I will cut her apart and use the pieces to cut out the fabric and iron all the edges under cleanly.  The next big difference will be the fish.  No tropical fish here.  I have plans for a nice handsome catfish, a striper, some bass...some fun things you would find out there.  A little lake grass, but no crazy dangerous underbrush as is typical there...trying to stay authentic without getting too historically accurate!  Don't think that would make for a nice quilt... :)  Stay tuned!  Hoping to finish in the next week or so, so keep watching to see the progress.  I also post daily shots on my Instagram account @studioscumble.  Come follow me for this and other quilt and textile art!

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